New Features & Updates - August 2023 Aug 04, 2023 release

1. Side Panel in Boards > Card redesigned

The card's right-side panel has been entirely reimagined to enhance content accessibility and accommodate more information on a single card.

2. Boards > Column Triggers completely rebuilt

The column triggers have been entirely revamped to enhance modularity and stackability. This means you can now link triggers sequentially for a card when it's placed in a column.

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3. Custom Forms can now be attached to Boards > Card 

You can now attach Custom Forms directly to a card, ensuring that client responses are consolidated with project tasks. When automation is executed, these new cards will also include the custom form submissions.

4. Boards Real-Time Collaboration Mode redesigned.

For team task management, the Boards' Real-Time Collaboration Mode has been upgraded, ensuring seamless visibility of real-time updates without overlooking any details.

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5. Automation Released!!! ...... (beta)

Setting up an automation that generates a Card in a designated Board column upon the submission of a Custom Form is detailed in this process. The tutorial guides you through initializing the form with necessary fields and then outlines the steps to establish and activate the automation. Once implemented, every form submission instantaneously produces a new card with the specific details on the chosen Board. This feature optimizes project management and client onboarding workflows.

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Miscellaneous Improvements

  1. Added a shortcut (  Ctrl + /  ) in Pages to open the editor toolbar
  2. Support for Arabic language
  3. Tooltips got a face lift

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with quoting text in Chat, Support Tickets where the Quote menu could appear inside the textarea.
  2. Fixed an issue with Custom Forms when being submitted from a Scheduling Page
  3. Fixed cropping tool displacement when trying to resize images inside a table in Pages
  4. Fixed an issue with Integration when trying to establish a connection from a custom domain
  5. CSS fix for Pages in mobile view

New Features & Updates - July 2023 Jul 31, 2023 release

1. Custom Form Templates 

2. Redesigned Menu

3. Profile Quick Links


4. Boards > Card (Improved Look & Feel)


  1. Projects have been removed entirely (due to lack of usage)


Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed blackout dates where the year was stating by 10 years in the future
  2. Discussions are now Chats
  3. Boards > Card has undergone some significant improvements & fixes
  4. Fixed a number of small regressions, and other minor bug fixes

New Features & Updates - June 2023 Jun 15, 2023 release

1. Added column colors to Boards > Card status dropdown when editing a card

2. Added yearly option to Subscription Plans at 67% discount

3. Added image upload to comments in Board > Card

4. Updated Upcoming Meetings to show the video provider w/out having to view the details

5. Webex Integration for Meetings/ Scheduling Pages

6. Now multiple users can be added w/out having to open the selector tool each time

7. Quote-Reply in Video > Chat

8. Custom Public URL in Boards, Sketches, and Pages

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed incorrect meeting room assignment link in Copy to Clipboard control when a new meeting is created
  2. Fixed a small regression in /signup for the Per Module Plan where the selected modules would not persist to the end
  3. Corrected the issue with the new meeting counter where mapped 3rd party events would get counted as new meetings
  4. A few minor bug fixes in the Page Builder
  5. Adjusted the height of the writable area of the Meeting Notes to span all the way down

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