Unable to download meeting notes as pDF Jan 10, 2023 In the meeting edit screen, when clicking on the PDF button in the toolbar, nothing is downloaded.
add unsplash resources Jan 06, 2023 Need to add ability to add pictures from Unsplash to Pages and Scheduling Pages
custom forms - part 2 Oct 27, 2022 Need a way to add a custom form builder to Pages and Scheduling User should create custom questions User should read customer answers if the custom form is added to scheduling page, the Q/A needs to be added to the notes section of the meeting
layout customization Sep 13, 2022 Need a way to customize the layout of the scheduling page Show/ Hide the header Show/ Hide the left-side informational section Customize the page header
custom forms - part 1a Aug 29, 2022 Several additional features need to be implemented Captured data needs to be accessible to USER to view filter ~~~~- export
custom forms - part 1 Aug 29, 2022 Several scheduling features need to be enhanced to offer the USER maximum flexibility. 1. Positioning of the custom form to show the custom form before or after the date/time selection2. Captured data needs to be stored upon submission in a separate table3. Captured data needs to be accessible to USER for view, filter, and export4. Once the captured data is saved, the USER needs to be notified via email, push notif.
blackout days Jul 29, 2022 Need to be able to select specific date ranges that would override the generic availability. For instance, a user has his/her availability set to Mondays 6am-6pm. However, the first week of June he/she is on vacation and is unable to meet. So, we need to blackout that week.
Custom scheduling page - part 3 Jul 24, 2022 Custom Fields Video Conferencing In-Person 1. let the customer specify his/her address ( user drives to customer ) 2. the user specifies his/her address ( customer comes to user's office )
external video service integration - part 2 Jul 09, 2022 The integration of the external video services into the scheduling pages in now complete. Now the users can associate a scheduling page ( aka Meeting Type ) with a particular External Video Service such as Zoom Google Meet Teams Cogency Video ( default ) and the meeting url will be auto-generated.
Adding QR Code to meeting types Jun 27, 2022 Need the ability to generate a QR Code for specific Meeting Types to be added to business cards, flyers, etc...
add tags to meeting types Jun 27, 2022 Meeting types should be tagged to allow the user to view a particular set of meeting types. We can think about it as applying a filter or sorts.
customize notes label on scheduling page Jun 23, 2022 Need a way to allow the user to customize the label text on the scheduling page
zoom, webex, google meet integration Jun 23, 2022 Need to be able to choose between different types of video conferencing solutions Cogency Video Zoom Webex Google Meet
download meeting notes as PDF Jun 16, 2022 Need a way to download/ print meeting details, including the notes
meeting notes Jun 13, 2022 Need a way to take notes during a meeting. The notes must have Save content instantly to avoid data loss Real-time collaboration to allow all meeting participants to take part in content composition Allow online/ offline content creation & collaboration
new meeting type features Jun 05, 2022 Need an option to allow same day scheduling for the meeting types Need an option to display an address on the scheduling page Need an option to display a phone number on the scheduling page
embed scheduling link/ page Jun 02, 2022 Each Meeting Type can now be embeded into the customer's site! There are three ways the scheduling link can be embeded in the customer's site As a button As a bubble ( always presend on all pages ) As an entire scheduling page ( iframe )
Custom scheduling page - part 2 May 26, 2022 Select meeting typeNeed a way for the user to create different meeting types For instance: Main scheduling Url Webinar scheduling Url Note: that the meeting duration, buffer, and background are all custom per meeting type!
Monthly newsletter May 18, 2022 We need to setup a monthly newsletter show-casing all accomplishments of each month. 1. Add unsubscibe option under /profile2. Setup an automated process to send the newsletter to existing customers3. Create the newsletter4. Display the newsletter on the web ( --> use the Pages module )
custom meetings page May 17, 2022 Need the ability to fully customize the meeting page. background upload background color text color
Custom scheduling page - part 1 May 17, 2022 1. Custom background - upload bg image - specify bg color
Bug fixes May 10, 2022 fixed typography across the app fixed issue when Sketches/ Boards are created from the video module fixed the meeting now showing up in the calendar when set to a specific project added integration for Google & Outlook/ Office 365 calendars fixed the scheduling to be user-specific and not just for signed in users setup S3 integration for video recordings added a setting for the meeting window to control the time span allowed for meeting creation added templates to Pages including several designs
amazing Templates May 09, 2022 Need to add templates to pages. Those templates need to provide different designs, but yet be extremely customizable.
reschedule meeting from email May 05, 2022 We need a way to allow the customers to reschedule meetings from their meeting invitations.
Cancel meeting from email May 05, 2022 We need a way for users to cancel the meetings from their invitations that they received when the meeting was created
Unified typography May 02, 2022 All typography, headers, text, controls, etc... needs to be unified.