Monthly newsletter May 18, 2022 We need to setup a monthly newsletter show-casing all accomplishments of each month. 1. Add unsubscibe option under /profile2. Setup an automated process to send the newsletter to existing customers3. Create the newsletter4. Display the newsletter on the web ( --> use the Pages module )
custom meetings page May 17, 2022 Need the ability to fully customize the meeting page. background upload background color text color
Custom scheduling page - part 1 May 17, 2022 1. Custom background - upload bg image - specify bg color
Bug fixes May 10, 2022 fixed typography across the app fixed issue when Sketches/ Boards are created from the video module fixed the meeting now showing up in the calendar when set to a specific project added integration for Google & Outlook/ Office 365 calendars fixed the scheduling to be user-specific and not just for signed in users setup S3 integration for video recordings added a setting for the meeting window to control the time span allowed for meeting creation added templates to Pages including several designs
amazing Templates May 09, 2022 Need to add templates to pages. Those templates need to provide different designs, but yet be extremely customizable.
reschedule meeting from email May 05, 2022 We need a way to allow the customers to reschedule meetings from their meeting invitations.
Cancel meeting from email May 05, 2022 We need a way for users to cancel the meetings from their invitations that they received when the meeting was created
Unified typography May 02, 2022 All typography, headers, text, controls, etc... needs to be unified.
calendar sync May 02, 2022 Ability to sync meetings to events in Google calendar iCloud calendar Outlook/ Office 365 calendar CalDAV
column counter not updating Mar 24, 2022 When a card is added directly to a column, the column counter is not updated. However, when a card is dropped on a column the counter is updated
dragging card visible tags Mar 24, 2022 When a card is dragged the tags are visible on the shadow placeholder
S3 - storage usage Mar 21, 2022 Need to create a display for users to show used/ unused file storage space
Enable video recording Mar 19, 2022 Need to enable recording of video sessions, controlled by the video host
Enable live video streaming Mar 18, 2022 A user needs the ability to stream the video session to services like youtube, etc...
Support Email Mar 17, 2022 As a part of the white labeling effort, we need to add a custom support email to be used for all outgoing emails
adding new sketch in video Mar 15, 2022 When a new sketch is created in video, other participants are on the sketch tab do not get the new sketch loaded. This might be also happening for loading any sketch for that matter. I believe the issue most likely lies with the websockets
scheduling service Mar 04, 2022 Need to create a scheduling service where external users are given a link to book a meeting. The user specifies his/her availability. The link[username] is given out to external users The external user selects date/time from the available slots shown The meeting is scheduled and both, user and external user are notified by email ( same process as creating a meeting ) Perks calendar sync with gcal, ical, outlook
audio collab mode Feb 14, 2022 Need to add audio only control to start an audio call while using the sketch. Flow steps User starts the call Anyone on the same sketch can join the call ( one click )
add tags to cards Feb 21, 2022 We should be able to tag a card. For instance, instead of having Boards - in the title of the card we should be able to just add a boards tag
sidebar mobile view Feb 08, 2022 The left-side sidebar (menu) needs to be made mobile friendly
boards - move to top trigger Feb 07, 2022 Need to add a new column trigger to move a card to the top of the stack when dropped on a column with this trigger activated.
responsive menu Mar 25, 2022 Side menu not displaying correctly in mobile view
bug - notification service Feb 06, 2022 Notification service is broken, no notifications are showing up.
changelog Feb 04, 2022 Customers need to see the change log of all released items
Video - updated time range to 12 hrs Feb 04, 2022 When creating meetings, we need to update the time range to allow all hours of the day.
Hightlighted text to card Jan 24, 2022 In Pages and Chat, and Sketch when highlighting some text with a right click it should provide an option to convert that text into a card.
custom domain Jan 05, 2022 Need to allow a user to specify a custom domain. would be run from
sketch - collab mode performance Jan 31, 2022 Re-working the WS and save flow to achieve optimal collaborative performance
Affiliate program - step 1 Feb 02, 2022 need to add ability for a user to use an affiliate link to provide to new users to earn commission on.