Cogency landing page redesign May 29, 2023 The landing page needs to capture all the features that the Meeting Scheduler v2 is offering.
custom public uRL May 23, 2023 Right now, when a Page is made public it always goes through the /proxy funnel. We need to allow the user to specify their own custom URLs Currently Public Page URL Desired Public Page URL
Cogency Video - Loading Sketch/Board Fail-Safe May 12, 2023 Bug DescriptionWhile on a video conference, when loading a sketch/ board, the module is supposed to load for all participants. However, in some edge cases some participants did not get the sketch/board loaded. Unfortunately there was no way to reload it unless the participant left the meeting and re-joined it again. FixWe have added the Refresh control to allow anyone to reload the sketch/board at any time manually.
upgrade Cogency video to v2.0.8319 Apr 25, 2023 Need to upgrade Cogency Video to v2.0.8319. That version enables the following features Breakout rooms Pre-join screen
video - prejoin screen Apr 25, 2023 We need to have a prejoin page before the user joins a video meeting to allow for some settings to be done by the user Camera on/off Mic on/off Virtual background selection Verify camera/mic are working
customizable dashboard - pt 2 Apr 25, 2023 Need to design a dashboard that offers:1. Ability to customize the layout2. Add/Remove widgets3. Offer shortcuts such as start meeting
customizable dashboard - pt 1 Apr 11, 2023 Need to design a dashboard that offers: Ability to customize the layout Add/Remove widgets Offer shortcuts such as start meeting
scheduling page designer v2 Mar 28, 2023 We need to create a scheduling page layout designer that is visually appealing and intuitive ( wysiwyg pattern ). Sections should be draggable into desired layout Text needs to be editable right on the page Page routing Ability to add custom pages Embed the questionnaire and tie it to the consequent meeting
Unable to download meeting notes as pDF Jan 10, 2023 In the meeting edit screen, when clicking on the PDF button in the toolbar, nothing is downloaded.
add unsplash resources Jan 06, 2023 Need to add ability to add pictures from Unsplash to Pages and Scheduling Pages
boards - add "move to top" trigger Apr 11, 2023 need to add a new column trigger move to top when a card is added