Link to cards in public view Feb 01, 2024 Need a way to link to cards in public view so that sharing of cards is possible.Ex.
Files as Standalone Module Jan 18, 2024 We need to expand on some of the files module functionality, making it a standalone moduleAdd link to the sidebarFiles should be allowed to be tagged by project
Add Chat to Boards Nov 29, 2023 Similar to Pages, boards need a way to display the chat module in public mode 
Add Chat to Pages Nov 29, 2023 Today we have been asked by a customer to implement the ability for them to add/ embed our chat module to a Page. Upon a deeper discussion, this what was outlined:The visitor (external user) is asked to provide an email, and possibly their name, and start chatting. Behind the scenes, an external user account is created, and their contact info would end up in the Leads section to be reached out to them, if need be.
Upgrade sketch to v0.17.0 Nov 16, 2023 Sketch excalidraw component has been upgraded to v0.17.0. For details please refer to
Show/Hide card number Nov 08, 2023 We have received a customer request to show/hide the card number. This should be added as as board preference 
emojis in chat Nov 01, 2023 We need to be able to add emojis to chat
emojis in card Oct 27, 2023 We need to be able to add emojis to card commentsAdd emojis inside wysiwyg editorAdd emojis as quick reply of a card
Customize sign-in and meeting pages Oct 13, 2023 In Settings > Layout we need to combine all settings that pertain to page customizationsSign-In pageMeeting page
Sticky editor toolbar in card Oct 12, 2023 When content is rather large, the editor toolbar is hidden due to scrolling down. We need to make it sticky so that editing content without having to scroll up.
Add watchers to cards Oct 10, 2023 Need to add watchers to cards where a watcher will benotified when the card changes status is updated ( aka any change made to the card )The process of becoming a watcher should be super simple where all the user has to do is click on the icon to be added a watcher, and click again on the icon to be removed
primary picture in card in board view Oct 07, 2023 For a better overview, I would need the possibility to give individual tickets title pictures that are displayed in the board view.The customer has requested to be able to assign a primary picture to a card, that would be displayed in board view.See example below
Wysiwyg in card description Oct 05, 2023 Need to change the markdown editors to use our standard rich-text implementation 1. card description editor 2. card comment editor
Static Meeting Link As Default Sep 29, 2023 As per a customer request, we should allow for external meeting links to be set as defaults to be used when meetings are scheduled through the Scheduling Pages. Currently: When meetings are scheduled, the only options are Cogency Video, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Office 365 Work-around: Once a meeting is scheduled, the meeting host must go into the meeting editor to update the link to an external link( ex. ) Requested: Meeting host specifies an external meeting link ( static link that does not change ) to be assigned to every meeting scheduled through a specific Sche...
Collapsible Menu  Sep 27, 2023 The left-side menu needs to be collapsible. The state must persist, and be per user settings.
clear out leads Sep 26, 2023 Need a way to archive old leads from the table.
responsive boards Sep 26, 2023 Boards are not working well in mobile view. That needs to be fixed.
upgrade to latest version Sep 22, 2023 The latest version of Excalidraw (as of 09/22/2023) is v0.16. New features and updates include: 1. Background Color - The background color of the sketch can now be changed. ( white is default )2. Embeddable Urls - External sites can now be loaded into the sketch.3. Frame Tool - Elements can now be grouped under a parent container.4. Eraser Tool - Elements can now be erased from the canvas5. Undo/ Redo - Changes can now be reverted/ re-applied
support ticket notifications Sep 19, 2023 Added support ticket notifications for new/ unread tickets. See screenshot below
notification history Sep 13, 2023 Once the notifications are marked as read they are not available to be viewed again. Sometimes some data like a link to a specific Board card is included in the notification. Some customers voiced a desire to have the ability to view the history. Let's implement that :)
embeddable custom forms Sep 08, 2023 Referencing the ticket on Embeddable Pages we need to design a very similar process where purely Custom Forms can be embedded.
pages default theme inside theme selector Sep 06, 2023 Some customers expressed that the X to remove a theme is not very intuitive. Another place to add it is inside the Theme Selector as Default Theme. The functionality would be exactly the same as removing a theme.
embeddable sketches Sep 06, 2023 Need a way to allow the user to embed a sketch into their sites. ( similar to how scheduling pages are being embedded )
embeddable boards Sep 05, 2023 Need a way to allow the user to embed a Sketch Board into their sites. ( similar to how scheduling pages are being embedded )
embeddable pages Sep 05, 2023 Pages should be embeddable, just like the scheduling pages are. There are a couple of things to keep in mind: Ability for the user to hide all styling, essentially allowing them to embed just the content of the Page To keep all the functionality that comes with Pages, we can only allow embeddable iframes
support for arabic language Aug 27, 2023 Several clients have expressed the need for the Arabic language support. We need to enable that.
Automation Aug 25, 2023 Customer Request Please consider linking the output of custom forms into a card in the Kanban Boards area. This creates a simple way to send requests to a 'backlog' for follow up and prioritization. Great platform! Need a way to create a new card upon a Custom Form submission. Need to consider linking a Custom Form to a specific column in a specific Board
custom form templates - step 1 Jul 31, 2023 We need the ability to generate Custom Form Templates. Then, Custom Forms should be generated off of the templates with one click.
custom form to render within page editor Jul 20, 2023 When a custom form is added to a Page, the page simply shows what custom form it is linked to. We need the ability to see the actual custom form in rendered view inside the editor to better/ quicker visualize the page.
custom form to render within scheduling page editor Jul 10, 2023 When a custom form is added to the scheduling page, the scheduling page simply shows what custom form it is linked to. We need the ability to see the actual custom form in rendered view inside the editor to better/ quicker visualize the page.
Add Files to comments Jun 30, 2023 Need to allow file upload in the description and comments of a card
add monthly/annually option in pricing plans Jun 26, 2023 We need to have an option for annual billing.
add multiple users at once Jun 16, 2023 Issue Description When adding users, the User Selection Popover closes automatically after one user is added. Proposed Solution We need to allow for multiple users to be added without having to click the + button.
show provider in upcoming meetings quickview Jun 15, 2023 When looking at the upcoming meetings section, it was not immediately clear what integration provider the meeting was linked to. This update provides an easy way to recognize the integration provider from the quickview.
Quote-reply in Discussions Jun 14, 2023 As per user requests, we need to add a couple of minor features to the Discussions Module A user should be able to highlight a portion of the text and include that in the reply as a Quote A user should be able to hit Ctrl + Enter to jump to a new line without sending the message
Webex integration Jun 05, 2023 In addition to Zoom, and Google Meet we should integrate with Webex. App Hub: Webex App HubDeveloper Sandbox Guide: Build - Developer Sandbox | Webex for DevelopersIntegration Overview: Build - Integrations | Webex for DevelopersMore generalized link to our Developer Documentation: Build - Platform Introduction | Webex for DevelopersOverview of our submission process (with a submission checklist): Build - Promote your App | Webex for Developers
Cogency landing page redesign May 29, 2023 The landing page needs to capture all the features that the Meeting Scheduler v2 is offering.
custom public uRL May 23, 2023 Right now, when a Page is made public it always goes through the /proxy funnel. We need to allow the user to specify their own custom URLs Currently Public Page URL Desired Public Page URL
Cogency Video - Loading Sketch/Board Fail-Safe May 12, 2023 Bug DescriptionWhile on a video conference, when loading a sketch/ board, the module is supposed to load for all participants. However, in some edge cases some participants did not get the sketch/board loaded. Unfortunately there was no way to reload it unless the participant left the meeting and re-joined it again. FixWe have added the Refresh control to allow anyone to reload the sketch/board at any time manually.
upgrade Cogency video to v2.0.8319 Apr 25, 2023 Need to upgrade Cogency Video to v2.0.8319. That version enables the following features Breakout rooms Pre-join screen
video - prejoin screen Apr 25, 2023 We need to have a prejoin page before the user joins a video meeting to allow for some settings to be done by the user Camera on/off Mic on/off Virtual background selection Verify camera/mic are working
customizable dashboard - pt 2 Apr 25, 2023 Need to design a dashboard that offers:1. Ability to customize the layout2. Add/Remove widgets3. Offer shortcuts such as start meeting
customizable dashboard - pt 1 Apr 11, 2023 Need to design a dashboard that offers: Ability to customize the layout Add/Remove widgets Offer shortcuts such as start meeting
scheduling page designer v2 Mar 28, 2023 We need to create a scheduling page layout designer that is visually appealing and intuitive ( wysiwyg pattern ). Sections should be draggable into desired layout Text needs to be editable right on the page Page routing Ability to add custom pages Embed the questionnaire and tie it to the consequent meeting
Unable to download meeting notes as pDF Jan 10, 2023 In the meeting edit screen, when clicking on the PDF button in the toolbar, nothing is downloaded.
add unsplash resources Jan 06, 2023 Need to add ability to add pictures from Unsplash to Pages and Scheduling Pages
boards - add "move to top" trigger Apr 11, 2023 need to add a new column trigger move to top when a card is added