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What Is Cogency?

Sep 15, 2023 blog

Effortlessly Schedule & Manage Meetings and Events

Our meeting scheduler and event management tool simplifies the process of organizing and scheduling meetings, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page.

You can easily send meeting invitations, track responses, and manage your calendar effectively. By eliminating the hassle of manual scheduling, you can save time and focus on more important tasks.

Create Custom Forms to Capture Essential Information

Our custom form builder allows you to create tailored forms to collect necessary details about your projects, customers, or any specific information you require.

Whether you need feedback, surveys, or data collection, our form builder simplifies the process, ensuring that you gather accurate information efficiently. You can customize the form design, collect responses securely, and analyze the data for insights.

Easily Direct Users to the Right Pages

Page Routing is an innovative feature that enables customers to create custom flows for a more optimized scheduling experience.

With this feature, customers can create personalized paths for their scheduling needs, allowing them to navigate through the scheduling process with ease.

Simplify Group Scheduling and Save Time

Effectively scheduling meetings that accommodate all team members or any available team member is a crucial element of successful team coordination.

By considering everyone's schedules and availability, team members can collaborate and communicate seamlessly, resulting in enhanced outcomes and productivity. Creating a meeting environment that respects each individual's commitments ensures that everyone can actively participate, contribute their insights, and work together towards shared goals.

This inclusive and well-coordinated approach fosters effective teamwork and paves the way for successful outcomes.

Efficiently Collaborate and Take Real-Time Meeting Notes

Collaborating on notes with meeting participants in real-time or jotting down important points during the meeting is an effective way to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that no important information is lost.

With this feature, participants can add their own notes or comments during the meeting, and everyone can see the updates in real-time.

Seamlessly Connect with Colleagues and Clients

Utilize the power of Cogency Video, our unlimited* video communication tool, or seamlessly integrate with popular services like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to connect with your valued customers.

Whether you prefer our native video solution or wish to leverage the capabilities of established platforms, we provide the flexibility to meet your communication needs.

By leveraging these tools, you can foster effective and personalized interactions with your customers, ensuring seamless collaboration, clear communication, and stronger relationships.

Track Progress Through The Kanban-Style Boards

Effortlessly manage all your tasks and to-dos with our comprehensive task management system. With powerful automation features, column action triggers, color coding, tagging, notifications, and more, you can streamline and automate your task management process.



Submissions from Custom Forms can be interconnected with Boards, wherein a new card will be automatically generated in a specified column. If that particular column is set up with column triggers, these triggers will be activated. Column Triggers are automated functions, which can vary from shifting a card to the highest point in the stack, delegating users, or dispatching notifications.

Use-Case for a Hiring Agency 

Consider this situation: A Custom Form is associated with a Page, which is then publicly accessible. An employment advertisement page has an "apply now" button linked to this public page. When a potential candidate accesses the page, a custom form is displayed that must be filled out to submit a job application.

This form could include any number of queries, from skills of the applicant (using checkboxes), to self-evaluation tests, to file uploads such as a resume. It could even include a mechanism to eliminate applicants if they do not meet a certain minimum requirement. Once the form is filled and submitted, and if automation is activated, a new card is generated in the Job Board. This card holds all the data submitted by the applicant.

Real-Time Brainstorm/ Sketch Ideas With Your Team

Leverage the power of real-time collaborative whiteboards to foster creativity and seamless collaboration with your clients or team members. Our whiteboards enable you to create sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts together, all in real-time.

Design Professional Pages with Ease

Proudly, this page you are currently viewing has been created using our advanced Page Builder! This impressive demonstration showcases the remarkable capabilities of hosting single pages that can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as newsletters, profile pages, documentation, and much more.

With our Page Builder, you have the power to create and host engaging and dynamic content tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're aiming to captivate your audience with visually stunning newsletters, showcase your professional profile, or provide comprehensive documentation, our Page Builder empowers you to effortlessly create and host impressive single-page content.