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The Best Scheduling App To Use In 2023 | Top 10 Choices

Aug 10, 2023 blog

In the bustling world of business, time is an invaluable resource. Scheduling appointments, managing bookings, and juggling calendars can be a time-consuming task. This is where the best scheduling app comes into play, acting as a digital personal assistant to streamline your processes, save time, and boost efficiency. But with a plethora of options to choose from, how do you determine the best fit for your business needs?

Short Summary

  1. Comparing 10 top scheduling apps for 2023, Setmore is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking a powerful and easy-to-use solution.
  2. Scheduling apps can streamline customer journey and free up time to contribute significantly to business growth.
  3. Salons should consider features like streamlined scheduling capabilities, integration with an online booking system when selecting a best app fit for their needs.

Key Features of Top Scheduling Apps

When selecting the best appointment scheduling software, it’s essential to consider the features that will cater to your specific business needs. At the heart of any great scheduling app is customization. Whether it’s customizing the booking experience to match your business or adjusting the scheduling rules to suit your operational hours, a tailored approach can significantly enhance the user experience.

In today’s digital age, the ability to accept payments seamlessly has become a crucial feature of any online scheduling app. Integrated payment processing allows businesses to accept payments at the time of booking, reducing the risk of no-shows and cancellations. Furthermore, calendar sync is another essential feature that ensures a smooth scheduling process. By syncing with Google Calendar or Microsoft Teams, scheduling apps can automatically detect scheduling conflicts and only show availability when you’re truly free.

Moreover, the best appointment scheduling apps offer a user-friendly booking page and mobile app. This allows clients to book appointments at their convenience, fostering a positive customer experience. The ability to schedule recurring appointments, send automated reminders, and manage unlimited bookings are also crucial features to look out for.

Top 10 Scheduling Apps for 2023

As we navigate through 2023, numerous scheduling apps have emerged as game-changers in the realm of appointment management. The top 10 appointment scheduling apps for this year are a blend of robust features, intuitive interfaces, and innovative solutions tailored to a variety of business needs. From Setmore to Zoho Bookings, these apps offer a plethora of features such as free scheduling app plans, booking availability, calendar syncing, and email notifications.

However, each app comes with its unique strengths and limitations. While some apps offer a minimalist approach, others provide comprehensive appointment scheduling features. Some synchronize exclusively with Google Calendar, while others support multiple calendar platforms. A few apps, like Square, support only one payment gateway, which could be a limitation for some businesses.

Despite these differences, all these apps strive to simplify the scheduling process and enhance efficiency, making them worthy contenders for the best scheduling apps of 2023.

Setmore: The Ultimate Choice

Setmore takes the lead as the ultimate choice in scheduling apps, providing a comprehensive platform for managing appointments and payments. With a focus on user-friendliness, Setmore allows users to schedule unlimited appointments with ease. Whether you’re running a small business or a large organization, Setmore’s streamlined booking experience is designed to cater to your needs.

A standout feature of Setmore is its generous free plan. It supports up to 20 staff calendars and logins, allowing small to medium-sized businesses to manage their appointments without any hassles. Moreover, the Pro version for up to two users is priced affordably at $5 per user per month, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses on a tight budget.

However, Setmore is not without its limitations. The lack of SMS reminders in the free plan and limited design customization options may be a deterrent for some users. But with feature-rich premium plans and the ability to add a booking page on a personal website, Setmore’s pros significantly outweigh its cons, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a powerful and easy-to-use scheduling app. A Versatile Option

When it comes to versatility in scheduling apps, stands out. Designed specifically for service-based companies, this app offers a range of features that can accommodate various business needs. Whether it’s accepting bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram or offering membership options and a website builder, provides an all-in-one solution.

One of the key advantages of SimplyBook.Me is its compliance with HIPAA regulations, making it an ideal choice for medical offices. The Basic plan, which caters to up to five users and includes three custom features, is priced competitively at $8.25 per month when billed annually. This makes an affordable and versatile option for small to medium-sized businesses.

While’s versatility is one of its strongest selling points, it’s important to note that its extensive features and customization options can be overwhelming for some users. However, with a little time and patience, businesses can leverage these features to streamline their scheduling process and improve their customer experience.

Calendly: Perfect for Startups

Calendly is a prominent player in the world of scheduling apps, particularly for startups. Known for its user-friendly interface and unlimited appointments, it’s no wonder that Calendly is a favorite among many businesses. With the ability to integrate with multiple calendar platforms, such as Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud, Calendly ensures that scheduling is a breeze.

One of the unique selling points of Calendly is the provision of automated event notifications even on the free plan. This ensures that both you and your client are reminded of upcoming appointments, thereby minimizing the chances of no-shows. Furthermore, Calendly’s focus on simplicity and ease-of-use ensures that even tech novices can navigate the app with ease.

However, it’s essential to note that certain features such as SMS notifications and direct integrations with email marketing and payment processing tools are only available on the Pro plan, priced at $15. Despite this, Calendly’s robust features and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for startups looking to streamline their appointment booking process.

Cogency: A Perfect Blend of Affordability and Advanced Features, another noteworthy scheduling app, is ideally suited for freelancers and startups. It sets itself apart by being an incredibly cost-effective choice, costing only $2 per user, billed annually, while delivering high levels of efficiency. Its set-up process is uncomplicated and it offers a smooth booking experience. Additionally, it lets users fully personalize their scheduling pages, including the ability to add extra pages filled with any content they wish, such as a custom form loaded with features.

Cogency’s simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks features. It supports multiple languages, ensuring that businesses can cater to a diverse client base. Moreover, it offers an email signature with a booking button, making it easier for clients to schedule appointments.

Cogency's custom form builder can be seamlessly embedded into the scheduling pages. This feature enables users to design forms tailored to capture crucial information about customers, projects, or any other specific details. The form builder tool simplifies the creation of feedback forms, surveys, or data collection tools, ensuring the efficient collection of accurate information. The form design can be personalized, responses are collected securely, and data can be analyzed for valuable insights.

Cogency is fundamentally aimed at minimizing time wastage and offering a smooth user experience. Given its affordability and ease of use, it presents itself as an exceptional choice for freelancers and small businesses in search of a user-friendly scheduling app.

MeetFox: All-in-One Solution

MeetFox is a comprehensive scheduling app that offers a wide range of features and integrations, making it the all-in-one solution for many businesses. From a generous free plan to in-built video software, MeetFox is designed to cater to a variety of business needs. MeetFox’s partnership with Brevo Meetings further enhances its capabilities, offering users an even broader range of features to streamline their scheduling process.

Despite its comprehensive features, MeetFox manages to maintain a straightforward solution for scheduling appointments, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive scheduling solution.

It’s important to note that while MeetFox offers a wide range of features, it may not be the best fit for all businesses. Its focus on providing an all-in-one solution makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive scheduling app. However, businesses looking for a more straightforward scheduling solution may find other apps more suitable.

Zoho Bookings: Integrated Business Tools

Zoho Bookings is another impressive scheduling app that offers a comprehensive range of business tools. Developed by Zoho, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, Zoho Bookings seamlessly integrates with other Zoho apps, providing businesses with a complete solution for their needs.

Zoho Bookings offers features such as two-way calendar synchronization with Zoho, Google, Microsoft 365 and Outlook, and the ability to access online meetings in Zoom or Zoho Meeting directly. Moreover, it offers a simple setup, the ability to make group bookings, recurring appointments, multiple payment processing options, and a freemium plan.

However, customer support is limited, and its extensive features and customization options can be overwhelming for some users. Despite these limitations, Zoho Bookings’ excellent integration with other Zoho applications makes it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a scheduling app that can seamlessly integrate with their existing Zoho apps.

Appointy: User-Friendly Design

Appointy is a user-friendly appointment scheduling app that makes scheduling a breeze. With a focus on user-friendliness, Appointy is designed to be easy to use, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. One of Appointy’s standout features is its free plan, which enables businesses to accept payments via Square and send automated email reminders. Additionally, businesses can create their own booking page with the free subdomain provided, further enhancing the user experience.

However, Appointy’s paid plans begin at $29.99 per month, making it more costly than some other options on this list. Despite this, Appointy’s user-friendly design and robust features make it a worthy choice for businesses seeking a scheduling app that’s easy to use and packed with features.

Cogsworth: Time-Saving Interface

Cogsworth is a scheduling app that focuses on saving time and providing a smooth user experience. With a mission to reduce time wastage, Cogsworth ensures that businesses can focus more on their core tasks and less on scheduling. Cogsworth’s emphasis on time-saving doesn’t mean it compromises on features. In fact, Cogsworth offers a range of features designed to streamline the scheduling process, from a straightforward setup process to a streamlined booking experience.

Despite its focus on time-saving, Cogsworth doesn’t compromise on user experience. Customers have expressed satisfaction with Cogsworth’s aesthetic and the time-saving benefits it provides, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a scheduling app that’s both efficient and user-friendly.

Square Appointments: Seamless Booking and Payments

Square Appointments is a scheduling app that stands out for its seamless integration with Square payments. This integration allows businesses to effortlessly manage both booking and payment processing, making it a popular choice among many businesses. Square Appointments offers a range of features designed to facilitate the scheduling process. These include a free customer booking website, automated booking processes, automated text and email reminders, customizable availability, cancellation fees, and payment acceptance capabilities.

However, it’s worth noting that Square Appointments may not be the best choice for businesses with department-specific scheduling needs. Additionally, funds may be frozen during fraud investigations, and it may not be the most cost-effective option.

Despite these limitations, Square Appointments’ seamless integration with Square payments makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking an all-in-one scheduling and payment processing solution.

Squarespace Scheduling: Unique Features

Last but not least, Squarespace Scheduling is a scheduling app known for its unique features. From the “Make me look busy” option to its use by over 50,000 businesses worldwide, Squarespace Scheduling stands out from the crowd. Squarespace Scheduling’s unique features are complemented by its ability to facilitate synchronization with primary calendars and provide translation to multiple languages. Whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Squarespace Scheduling’s unique features to streamline their scheduling process.

However, it’s important to note that Squarespace Scheduling doesn’t offer a free plan. Despite this, its unique features and widespread use by businesses across the globe make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a scheduling app with distinctive features.

The Impact of Scheduling Apps on Business Growth

In the digital age, online scheduling apps have become a crucial tool for businesses to stay competitive. By streamlining the customer journey and facilitating efficient scheduling, these apps can significantly contribute to business growth. Scheduling applications not only help businesses manage clients, meetings, and bookings more efficiently, but they also free up time for more productive business activities. Imagine the time saved from manually managing appointment cancellations and rescheduling. This time can be better spent on more specialized tasks, thus increasing the number of appointments scheduled and ultimately, revenue.

Moreover, having an app for scheduling appointments can provide businesses with the opportunity to reach potential clients and simplify the customer experience. From decreasing the length of the sales cycle to allowing staff to concentrate on more specialized tasks, scheduling apps can have a significant impact on business growth.

Comparing Free Scheduling Software

When it comes to selecting the best scheduling app for your business, cost is a critical factor to consider. Free scheduling apps can be a boon for small businesses or startups operating on a tight budget. These software options enable users to efficiently manage their appointments, calendars, and automated reminders without incurring any cost.

While free scheduling software can provide essential features such as appointment scheduling, calendar management, and automated reminders, they may be more limited than their paid counterparts. Features such as email confirmations, resource management, custom staff permissions, calendar sync, and software that facilitates booking scheduling are usually available only on paid scheduling apps.

Among the free scheduling software options, Setmore and MeetFox stand out as the most generous choices. Both these apps offer a range of robust features, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective scheduling solution.

Top Scheduling Apps for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to scheduling apps. Factors such as cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and availability of necessary features play a key role in the selection process. For small businesses, Zoho Bookings and come highly recommended. Both these apps offer a range of features tailored to cater to the needs of small businesses.

Zoho Bookings offers a simple setup, the ability to make group bookings, recurring appointments, multiple payment processing options, and a freemium plan, making it an excellent choice for small businesses. On the other hand, provides a range of features that accommodate various business needs. Whether it’s accepting bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram or offering membership options and a scheduling pages layout and flow builder, provides an all-in-one solution.

However, it’s important for small businesses to consider their specific needs and budget before deciding on a scheduling app.

Best Scheduling App for Salons

For salons, the ability to manage appointments effectively is crucial. Missed appointments or double bookings can lead to lost revenue and unsatisfied customers. Therefore, selecting the right scheduling app is essential for the smooth operation of a salon. Setmore emerges as the top choice for salon scheduling apps, offering online payment support and the ability to handle over 100 appointments per month. Setmore’s features such as streamlined scheduling capabilities, integration with an online booking system, staff administration, payment processing, automated notifications, mobile app availability, and digital data storage make it an optimal choice for salons. Moreover, its ability to manage up to 100 appointments per month ensures that even the busiest salons can effectively manage their bookings.

While Setmore is a top choice for salons, it’s important to remember that every salon has unique needs and requirements. Therefore, salons should carefully consider their specific needs, such as the number of staff, the volume of appointments, and their budget, before selecting a scheduling app.


In summary, scheduling apps have become an invaluable tool for businesses in the digital age. By streamlining the scheduling process, these apps save time, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. From Setmore and to Zoho Bookings and Calendly, each app offers unique features and benefits, catering to a variety of business needs.

While each scheduling app has its strengths and limitations, the key is to select an app that best aligns with your business needs and budget. Whether you’re a small business, a startup, or a large corporation, there’s a scheduling app out there that can help streamline your processes, save time, and ultimately, contribute to your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scheduling app is free?

Zoho Bookings, Setmore, Appointed, Picktime, Calendly,, Square Appointments, and are some of the best free appointment scheduling apps available.

What is the best scheduler for multiple people?

Calendly and are the best schedulers for multiple people. They integrate with calendars, send automatic reminders and allow for group scheduling - making it an ideal tool for sales and HR.

They both are easy to use and save time, making it a great choice for busy professionals. They are also highly customizable, so you can tailor it to your needs.

Is setmore free?

Setmore is a free online appointment scheduling platform that enables businesses of all sizes to manage their calendar and connect with customers. Its basic plan is free forever, while Setmore Pro offers two payment options: monthly or annual.

What are the key features of top scheduling apps?

Top scheduling apps offer features such as customization, payment processing, calendar syncing, device compatibility and multiple booking sources, making it easier to coordinate any meeting or event.

What features should small businesses look for in scheduling apps?

Small businesses should look for features such as calendar customizations, customizable appointment scheduling, automated reminders, and cost-effective pricing plans when selecting a scheduling app.

These features can help streamline the scheduling process, making it easier for businesses to manage their appointments and keep customers informed. Automated reminders can help ensure that customers don’t miss their appointments, while cost-effective pricing plans can help businesses.