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New Features & Updates - Sept 2023

Nov 14, 2023 blog

Boards on mobile devices

Kanban Boards have been upgraded for complete mobile device responsiveness

Notification History

We've activated a notification history feature to ensure that archived alerts, including meeting announcements, card mentions, and sketch updates, remain available for review even after archiving.

Embeddable Custom Forms

Embedding custom forms into your website is a breeze—just copy and paste the provided JS code. All form responses are monitored, and the results can be viewed in the "Submissions" section. Plus, you can configure notifications to alert you whenever a form is filled out.

Embeddable Boards, Sketches, and Pages

Embeddable Kanban boards are interactive, visual tools that can be seamlessly integrated into websites or apps. They allow users to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate in real-time, all within the familiar environment of their platform. By embedding a Kanban board, you can enhance productivity and workflow management without redirecting users to external tools.

Create a card from an embedded custom form

Integrate a custom form into your website, and then configure automation to generate a card on your board for each form submission.

Sketch Upgraded to v0.1.7

New features and updates include:

1. Background Color - The background color of the sketch can now be changed. ( white is default )

2. Embeddable Urls - External sites can now be loaded into the sketch.

3. Frame Tool - Elements can now be grouped under a parent container.

4. Eraser Tool - Elements can now be erased from the canvas

5. Undo/ Redo - Changes can now be reverted/ re-applied

6. New Templates - A large number of new templates was added to provide helper diagrams and icons

Meeting Link Override

When scheduling pages are in video mode—be it through Cogency Video or a third-party integration like Google Meet, Teams, or Webex—a unique magic link is designated for the meeting. Using the "Meeting Link Override," this link can be replaced with a specified static URL.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  1. Collapsible Menu - The menu on the left side now has the capability to be collapsed or expanded, and its state will be remembered.
  2. [Add Comment] in card - The add comment button has been moved to the bottom of the comments, making it more intuitive to use
  3. Several CSS updates and improvements
  4. Capitalization removed - The CSS rule capitalizing button names and section titles has been removed to better accommodate multi-lingual support
  5. Copy card URL to clipboard - Added a button to the right of the card title to copy the card URL into memory
  6. Archive Leads - Leads can now be archived
  7.  Ctrl + .  - Added shortcut in Pages to show the editor toolbar

Bug Fixes

  1. Several bugs and performance improvements have been implemented.