How to create a chat channel Dec 16, 2021 blog
Chat gets its own page!

Up until now chat has been exclusively used inside video conferences! It was designed to be a companion allow the conference participants to share messages and files with one another. However, we have received numerous requests from users to have a standalone chat, not associated with any video conferences. We listened, worked hard, and now presenting the Chat Channels page.

  1. Click on Create Channel to create a new channel, then type the name of the channel

  1. That's it, channel will be created and you can start chatting!

  2. Channels, by default are always private. However, a chat channel can always be made public and the public link can be shared with anyone.

  1. Once shared, depending on the chat privacy settings at that moment the public link will either show the chat or a This chat is private message.

*** Note: A public link to a chat will allow the users to observe a chat conversation and access all the uploaded files, NOT to participate themselves.

-- Regards, Cogency Team