How to add the scheduling availability Mar 04, 2022 blog
  1. Go to /confs and you should see your monthly meetings' calendar and click on the Set Your Availability link at the top

  1. You should see a modal open right into the Scheduling tab. There you can create your unique scheduling url and the meeting duration.
    • Scheduling Url is the public link that you can give out to anyone who wishes to schedule an appointment with you.
    • Meeting Duration is the meeting length that you can specify to be applied when a meeting is scheduled via the Scheduling Url

  1. Once the Scheduling Url and the Meeting Duration have been set, we can now define our weekly availability. To do that, we simply need to click and drag to define the time span that you are available to meet.

Note: To remove a time span simply click on the span

  1. You are done!

Note: The time spans are recurrent. In other words, your availability will be the same every week

-- Regards, Cogency Team