Customizable Meeting Scheduler

Discover the ultimate customizable scheduling tool! Explore our platform with a plethora of features, such as the powerful Custom Layout Builder, seamless Page Routing, efficient Team Availability Scheduling, dynamic Custom Forms for Scheduling Pages, and seamless Meeting Agenda creation. Experience complete control over your scheduling process.

Custom Layout Builder

With our Custom Layout Builder, you can design your scheduling pages exactly how you want it.

Page Routing

Page Routing is easy to set up and manage, and it can help you optimize your booking process and increase customer satisfaction.

Team Scheduling

Need to meet with a specific team member or entire team? Our Team Scheduling feature allows you to easily book a time that works for everyone.

Custom Forms

Our Custom Forms feature allows you to gather information from your clients before the meeting, ensuring that you're fully prepared.

Cogency Scheduling Tools In Action

Whether you're a professional seeking to optimize your business processes or an individual looking for tools to simplify everyday tasks, we are confident that you'll find our tools invaluable!

Custom Layout Builder

With the Custom Layout Builder, users can easily add or remove page elements such as text boxes, images, buttons, and more. The layout builder also enables users to highlight areas of the scheduling page, making it easy to draw attention to specific content or features. Get Started Now

Page Routing

Page Routing is an innovative feature that enables customers to create custom flows for a more optimized scheduling experience. With this feature, customers can create personalized paths for their scheduling needs, allowing them to navigate through the scheduling process with ease. Get Started Now

Group Scheduling

Booking meetings that work for all team members, or any available team member is a key aspect of effective team scheduling. By accommodating everyone's schedules, team members can collaborate and communicate effectively, leading to better outcomes. Get Started Now

Custom Forms

Adding custom forms to the scheduling page is an excellent way to allow customers to provide any necessary information and upload relevant documents for a better meeting agenda. This feature ensures that the meeting is productive and focused, as participants can prepare and submit any materials they need to share ahead of time. Get Started Now

Real-Time Meeting Notes

Collaborating on notes with meeting participants in real-time or jotting down important points during the meeting is an effective way to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that no important information is lost. With this feature, participants can add their own notes or comments during the meeting, and everyone can see the updates in real-time. Get Started Now

Video Conferencing

Use our unlimited* Cogency Video, or integrate with many available services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to connect with your customers. Get Started Now

Additional Modules

Kanban-Style Task Management

Effortlessly manage all your tasks and to-dos with our comprehensive task management system. With powerful automation features, column action triggers, color coding, tagging, notifications, and more, you can streamline and automate your task management process. Get Started Now

Collaborative Whiteboards

Leverage the power of real-time collaborative whiteboards to foster creativity and seamless collaboration with your clients or team members. Our whiteboards enable you to create sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts together, all in real-time. Get Started Now


Experience the most intuitive tool for creating a wide range of content, including documentation, custom questionnaires, proposals, newsletters, and single-page guides. Our tool is designed to provide you with a seamless and user-friendly experience. With support for Markdown, you can leverage its simplicity and formatting capabilities to create and style your content effortlessly. Get Started Now



Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that comes with the best features to engage your audience, create customer loyalty and increase sales.
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Per Module
billed annually
$6.00/user /mo
$2.00/user /mo
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billed annually
$15.00/user /mo
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Internal Users ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Users ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Scheduling & Meetings
Meetings (Video, In-Person) unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Scheduling Pages ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Calendar Integrations (Google, Office 365, etc...) 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Video Integrations (Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc...) ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Meeting Duration 40 Mins unlimited ? unlimited ?
Video Conference Real-Time Collaboration ? notes sketch boards notes sketch boards notes sketch boards
Boards (task management kanban-style boards)
Boards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Cards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Slack & Trello Integration ?
Private/ Public Mode
Sketches (online whiteboard collaboration)
Whiteboards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Real-Time Audio Collaboration?
Templates ?
Export as PNG/ SVG/ Clipboard ?
Private/ Public Mode
Pages (used for newsletters, documentation, flyers, etc...)
Pages ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Professional Themes ?
Markdown Support ?
Private/ Public Mode
Custom Forms (used for proposals, surveys, interview questions, etc...)
Custom Forms ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Versioning ?
Integration ?
Responses ?
Default Features (included in all plans)
Projects ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Domain ?
White Label (Copyright and Return Email Address) ?
Notifications ?
Chats ?
S3 Cloud File Storage ? 1 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Tech Support ? 24 hrs email email real-time chat email real-time chat
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