Tools for Individuals and Small Businesses

Whether you are a freelancer, a student, or a small business, this solution is fully customizable to meet all your needs. Our tools will allow you to easily accept appointments and integrate with your favorite calendar, collaborate with clients in real-time, and track the progress of your projects!

Availability and Scheduling

Personalized Meeting Scheduler

Fully customizable meeting scheduling pages and excellent event conflict management will provide you a reliable solution.


Task management Boards

Keep track of all your tasks and to-dos. Automate your task management with column action triggers, color coding, tagging, notifications, and more...


Collaborative Whiteboards

Use real-time collaborative whiteboards to create sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts while collaborating with your entire team in real-time.

Kanban-Style Task Management


Whether you are creating documentation, publish newsletters, or compose single-page guides - this tool will offer you the most intuitive experience. (Markdown support)

Why teams rely on Cogency

Meeting with clients, discussing critical issues, and keeping track of the work is a constant challenge. All to often important meetings get missed or double-booked, important notes, files, and sketches misplaced, or even lost in the process. This is where Cogency comes in to provide an effortless way to not only connect with your customers, but to engage and materialize ideas into trackable task.

Customized Scheduling

Every member is provided with a unique customizable scheduling link through which meeting appointments can be scheduled efficiently, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails. All meetings are fully 2-way synchronized with your favorite calendars such as Google and Outlook/Office 365.

Video Recording & Live-Stream

Any video meeting can be recorded by the host. The recording will be soon after available in the general file management pool and can be accessed by all members. Additionally, the recording can be made public to be shared with clients.

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Collaboration Tools

During a video meeting you can use our real-time collaborative tools such as Sketch, Pages, To-Dos, File Management, and Discussions to take notes and create the most relevant content.

Simplify Your Business Starting Today!

Learn how through collaboration you can strengthen your teamwork. Teach and push your team to new heights. Develop strong communication skills by scheduling daily meetings, discussions or brainstorming sessions. Be more productive by becoming a minimalist and run your business from one place with one service.


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that comes with the best features to engage your audience, create customer loyalty and increase sales.
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Pro (All-In-One)
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Internal Users ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Users ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Scheduling & Meetings
Meetings (Video, In-Person) unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Scheduling Pages ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Calendar Integrations (Google, Office 365, etc...) 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Video Integrations (Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc...) ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Video Recording & Live Streaming ? ? ?
Meeting Duration 40 Mins unlimited ? unlimited ?
Video Conference Real-Time Collaboration ? notes sketch boards notes sketch boards notes sketch boards
Boards (task management kanban-style boards)
Boards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Cards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Slack & Trello Integration ?
Sketch (online whiteboard collaboration)
Whiteboards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Real-Time Audio Collaboration?
Templates ?
Export as PNG/ SVG/ Clipboard ?
Pages (used for newsletters, documentation, flyers, etc...)
Pages ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Professional Themes ?
Markdown Support ?
Private/ Public Mode
Default Features (included in all plans)
Projects ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Domain ?
White Label (Copyright and Return Email Address) ?
Notifications ?
Discussions ?
S3 Cloud File Storage ? 1 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Tech Support ? 24 hrs email email real-time chat email real-time chat
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