Personalized Meeting Scheduling

Whether you are a freelancer, or a small business, this solution is fully customizable to meet all your needs. Setup your availability and allow your clients or customers to schedule an in-person or a video meeting with a full event conflict management, ...and never get double-booked!

Custom Booking Pages

Create a booking page for every occasion. Customize background color, duration, video or in-person, etc...

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2-Way Calendar Sync

Enable 2-way calendar integration with Google and Outlook/Office 365 to make sure you are always aware of all your appointments

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QR Codes

Generate QR Codes for each booking page and add them to your business cards, flyers, posters. Let your customers scan and schedule!

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Real-Time Meeting Notes

Let your customers specify the meeting agenda and afterwards, continue expanding on those notes while in meeting.

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Fully customizable booking pages for every occasion

Whether you are a teacher and need different booking pages for every class, or an employer trying to hire qualified workers for multiple positions, custom booking pages are just the thing to make your life much easier!

Availability and Scheduling

Share Your Availability

Specify your availability and let your customers pick the date/time for the meeting. Available slots are checked against your existing appointments, blackout dates, and your 3rd-Party calendars so you never get double-booked!

2-Way Calendar Sync

2-Way Calendar Sync

Enable 3rd-party calendar integration such as Google, Outlook/Office 365, and more.. to make sure all your meetings are fully synchronized and you are always aware of all your appointments.

Video Conferencing

Add Video Conferencing

Use our unlimited* Cogency Video, or integrate with many available services such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to connect with your customers.

Kanban-Style Task Management

Collaborative Meeting Notes

Collaborate Notes with meeting participants in real-time, or just jot down anything important during the meeting. Notes are kept forever along side the meeting, and can be accessed any time. In addition, you can always export the notes as a PDF. (Markdown support)

Use Cases

Explore some of the real-life use cases, and see how it could be applied to your own business. Whether you are a photographer, a dentist, or any other business that accepts appointments you are a perfect candidate to start benefiting from our Cogency Scheduler.


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that comes with the best features to engage your audience, create customer loyalty and increase sales.
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Internal Users ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Users ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Scheduling & Meetings
Meetings (Video, In-Person) unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Scheduling Pages ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Calendar Integrations (Google, Office 365, etc...) 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
External Video Integrations (Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc...) ? 1 ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Video Recording & Live Streaming ? ? ?
Meeting Duration 40 Mins unlimited ? unlimited ?
Video Conference Real-Time Collaboration ? notes sketch boards notes sketch boards notes sketch boards
Boards (task management kanban-style boards)
Boards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Cards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Slack & Trello Integration ?
Sketches (online whiteboard collaboration)
Whiteboards ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Real-Time Audio Collaboration?
Templates ?
Export as PNG/ SVG/ Clipboard ?
Pages (used for newsletters, documentation, flyers, etc...)
Pages ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Professional Themes ?
Markdown Support ?
Private/ Public Mode
Questionnaires (used for proposals, surveys, interview questions, etc...)
Questionnaires ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Versioning ?
Integration ?
Responses ?
Default Features (included in all plans)
Projects ? unlimited ? unlimited ? unlimited ?
Custom Domain ?
White Label (Copyright and Return Email Address) ?
Notifications ?
Discussions ?
S3 Cloud File Storage ? 1 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Tech Support ? 24 hrs email email real-time chat email real-time chat
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